I am currently studying part-time for a PhD by Art Practice, focusing on alternatives to self-annihilating or disorientating experiences of darkness within installation practice. Through my research I aim to make a case that darkness has been unfairly vilified, and that by reconsidering our relationship with darkness we can learn more about ourselves and the world we inhabit. I consider darkness as a positive or affirmative space for deep thought and meditation, and for exploration and discovery, including of the self.

Much of my work is carried out in solitude in remote rural locations during the hours of darkness, throughout which video, photography and audio is collected with which to make work. This approach provides the opportunity for the first-hand experience of sensing darkness, both physically and mentally, and the use of darkness as a ‘substance’ or medium, to affect directly the making and outcome of work.

I work predominately in installation-based video and audio, although more recent work has also included sculptural elements. I specialise in the use of alternative spaces for exhibitions, and consider the context and space in which work is shown as an integral part of the installation experience. My exhibitions have utilised buildings with different levels, staircases and constructed entrance ways, as part of an ongoing investigation in how the way we physically navigate exhibitions can affect and alter our reading of art works.

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