The Lost Seer Seeks a Sage

Geltsdale Gallery, RSPB Geltsdale, Hallbankgate, 23 May – 20 June 2015

Exhibited works: 
Wishless Thinking – Film projection, sound
In Search of Odin’s Left Eye – poster, photograph, helping hand magnifying glass, film projection, sound 
The Remaining Vessels of Artephius – Glass bottles, electric candle, photographs, film projection, sound 

Wishless Thinking

‘Where light clarifies, darkness welcomes ambiguity. Where the day differentiates, night absorbs.’

David Macauley 

In Search of Odin’s Left Eye film extract

Starting in February of this year, under the cover of darkness, Laura M R Harrison has been a regular visitor to the waters of Tindale Tarn. In her practice Laura prefers to step out of routine, using the solitude of night-time to get a different view of location, to slow down, lose sense of time and to contemplate. ‘The Lost Seer Seeks a Sage’ is the summary of Laura’s exploratory inquiry into the uncertainty of the future and how, through investigating notions of knowledge and wisdom, we might approach the unknown.

Through film, sound and photography in this installation you are invited to explore Tindale Tarn through myth, magic and mayhem. Laura is currently studying for an MA in Contemporary Fine Art at the University of Cumbria. The Lost Seer Seeks a Sage is the precursor to a further exhibition, to be presented in September, which will mark the conclusion of her studies. 

It matters to no one where we are →

© Copyright Laura M R Harrison.